About Fieldstone

The Fieldstone Network operates around the world, sourcing capital, acquiring and selling assets and entities, and structuring related financings within single markets and across international regions. Since its inception, Fieldstone has participated in over US$50 billion in completed transactions. Fieldstone’s recognized global reputation and expertise bring market credibility to each assignment and attract cutting-edge transactions.

The original emphasis on energy and infrastructure has evolved to cover new areas as diverse as applications of emerging energy technologies in renewable energy and second generation biofuels. In listening to the needs of its clients, Fieldstone has developed particular expertise in each new sector and prides itself on serving its repeat customers. 

Fieldstone offers a wide range of financial services from mergers and acquisitions to capital solicitations, non-recourse financing and export credit agency advisory. Fieldstone’s international offices have developed further specialties and expertise related to the markets, in which they participate.

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